History and Tourism: A symbiotic relation! this will be the theme of 2019 WORLD DAY celebrations was the decision announced by the European Council on Tourism and Trade President H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


Also was reported that: Cambodia and Djibouti will have won the honor to be host countries for World Tourism Day 2019 and global examples in the tourism and cultural world for 2019.


These are the authoritative decisions taken by the Global Tourism Institution-EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE in connection with the celebrations of 2019 Tourism Year.


Among the decision taken by the leaders of world tourism we must highlight: the elections of Djibouti and Cambodia`s Phnom Penh as the officials host countries for ECTT WORLD TOURISM DAY 2019 celebrations and the epoch making decision to place at the fore of 2019 Tourism Year the historical and cultural potential of tourism.


The special administrative session dedicated to 2019 WORLD TOURISM DAY decisions and events preparations had taken place under the leadership of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, European Council on Tourism and Trade President.


This high level attendance and involvement paved the way for a string of key decisions for tourism and culture future in 2019 to be taken.


The main issues tabled where: the selection of the 2019 host cities for World Tourism Day and the announcement of official theme of the next year tourism celebration for European Tourism Academy and European Council on Tourism and Trade.


This theme will be instrumental also in the selection of new candidates for hosting world tourism awards ceremonies in 2019.



Phnom Penh, the capital of Kingdom of Cambodia and Djibouti city, the capital of The Republic of Djibouti were selected as the official model cities for World Tourism Day celebrations and official hosts of global tourism events.


Both Djibouti and Phnom Penh where in previous years selected as World`s Capital of Culture and Tourism and globally recognized as centers of heritage, tourism and culture.


The city of Phnom Penh has also obtained WORLD`S BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status in 2016 and hosted the World Tourism Awards ceremonies the same year establishing himself as a powerful tourism and cultural center of Indochina.


On the venue of the world tourism conclave the WORLD TOURISM DAY 2019 theme was decided to be History and Tourism: A symbiotic relation!


The theme is destined not only to enliven tourism during 2019, but also to emphasize that tourism is inextricably linked with historical legacy.

History is the main attraction that is creating tourism demand and visitors expectation is linked with the existence of historical and cultural heritage.


Tourism must also be organized in such a manner to not impede conservation efforts, to support raising awareness on historical monuments and to help to acquire the financial support necessary for historical preservation activities.


Tourism and history are inseparable, are growing from the same tree: the sapling  of culture and civilization.


History is the root of tourism development and tourism must feed and nurture historical preservation as leaves are feeding the tree said Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-global tourism president.


The next year celebration for World Tourism Day will take place in 27 September 2019, placing under the spotlight the culture and civilization as an integral part of tourism growth and role in the sustainable development goals agenda.





The European Council on Tourism and Trade was established as the voice of global tourism and culture for European nations and has gradually evolved since 2005 in the main driver of world tourism development.

It is focused on member countries’ politics and statal agenda in terms of tourism and trade and produces strategies, research and studies on tourism and cultural development implemented worldwide.


Its membership includes state actors, private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourism authorities.



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